Newborn and childhood conditions

Chiropractic treatment is both safe and effective for children from any age. Very light finger tip pressures are used alongside massage to gently ease subtle problems in the spine, joints and/or soft tissues. Babies have often slept through the treatments!

Babies can experience pain from joints and muscle tension which can lead to other problems which are expressions of pain such as being unsettled, constant crying or behavioural problems in children. Older children are prone to trips and falls as their bodies struggle to keep up with their enthusiam to simply enjoy life! Postural issues are also becoming more wide spread with the increased use of ipads, laptops and computer games which can lead to prolonged sitting with poor posture, resulting in tight upper back/neck problems and cervicogenic headaches (headaches arising from the neck).

A specific paediatric examination, birth history and medical history will be performed to determine the underlying cause.

For babies, please bring your own baby blanket for use during treatment as familiar scents will help to settle your little ones during treatment.